Date(s) - Wednesday, April 12, 2023 - Wednesday, May 24, 2023
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm


Are you highly aware of others, their pain, their needs, and even their energy? Do you experience anxiety triggered by crowd, small talk, loud noises, inauthentic people, movies, and even television shows? An Empath is someone who is highly aware of these things and can feel the emotions and physical pains as others with in themselves. There is a scientific and energetic reason you are the way you are why certain people find you.

While being an empath can be a positive trait, allowing individuals to be highly compassionate and understanding of others, it can also be challenging. Empaths may experience emotional exhaustion, anxiety, and stress from taking on the emotions of those around them. They may also struggle to maintain healthy emotional boundaries and may find it difficult to distinguish their own emotions from those of others.

This 6-class series will take you through multiple aspects of being an Empath in the world we live in today. Each class is dedicated to a specific area of an Empath’s life and how it affects them, but also building off of the knowledge from the previous class as well. You will be able to learn how to build a space for yourself that is safe and peaceful.

There are several printable resources throughout the class, and even a private support group for ongoing learning resources and support of other empaths that have taken the same series.

Ticket price is for the entire series. If you need ot make payment installations, please email me at [email protected]
This class can be offered online. Links will be sent prior to class.

Class Schedule:
Class 1 Intro to Being an Empath and Understanding Energies
Class 2 Empath Gender Differences and Toxic Relationships
Class 3 Everyday Tools, Grounding, and Clearing
Class 4 Empath’s Physical Health and Nutrition
Class 5 How the Universal Energies Affect Us
Class 6 Navigating Life Going Forward, Putting It All Together


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