You Are an Empath, Now What?

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Are you acutely attuned to the emotions, needs, and energy of those around you? Does the mere thought of crowded places, shallow conversations, or overwhelming stimuli make you anxious? If you identify as an Empath, your unique sensitivity allows you to deeply experience the emotions and physical sensations of others within yourself. It’s not a mere coincidence that certain individuals are inexplicably drawn to your presence; there’s a profound scientific and energetic reason behind it.

Embark on a transformative and healing journey specifically tailored for Empaths with our captivating 6-class series. Designed to empower and support you as you navigate the modern world, each class delves into essential aspects of your empathic nature, building upon the knowledge gained from previous sessions. This series is more than just a learning opportunity; it’s a sacred and profound healing process that aligns with your spiritual journey.

Discover how to create a sanctuary of serenity and protection, nurturing your empathic soul along the way. Unlock the secrets to shielding yourself from overwhelming energies, finding inner peace amidst chaos, and harnessing your empathic gifts to positively impact the world.

As you embark on this awe-inspiring adventure, you’ll gain access to an abundance of printable resources designed to amplify your learning experience. Moreover, you’ll become part of an exclusive, tight-knit community—a sanctuary for fellow empaths who have embarked on the same transformative series. Share your experiences, receive ongoing support, and connect with kindred spirits on your profound spiritual journey towards self-discovery and healing.

Join us and embrace this empowering series as you unlock the full potential of your empathic nature. Step into a world of healing and spiritual growth where you can thrive as an empath, empowered to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others and yourself.

“I have taken Char’s, “You Are an Empath, Now What?” class both in person and through Zoom. In her class, she offered so much great information and tools for developing and managing my empathic sensitivities and coping with the challenges related to these gifts. Char is an amazing, kind individual and has created a great, supportive community that extends beyond the class. I highly recommend working with her!” 


“I am currently taking Char’s class on being an Empath and it’s amazing! Char is very knowledgeable and I am learning so much from her, I can’t wait to take more classes with her!”


“I have taken a few of Char’s classes and they have been great. She is super knowledgeable and is always more than willing to answer any questions. I plan on taking more of her classes in the future”


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Over the past decade, I have nurtured and cultivated my inherent gifts, and unveiling a profound understanding of my empathic nature. Through personal experiences and the invaluable connections I’ve forged along the way, I have harnessed these gifts to assist others in their own paths.

One of the most fulfilling aspects of my journey has been sharing empathic tools and resources through my acclaimed series, “You Are an Empath, Now What?“. This endeavor has brought me immeasurable rewards as I guide fellow empaths towards self-discovery and empowerment.