Date(s) - Wednesday, June 12, 2024
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Divine Lights


Step into the enchanting world of pendulums and craft your very own during this immersive class:

  • Create Your Own Pendulum: Explore the timeless art of pendulum-making, guided by Char. Craft a personalized pendulum to reflect your unique energy and style.
  • Unlock the Mysteries: Dive into the fascinating history of pendulums, from their ancient origins to modern-day applications. Uncover the secrets behind these versatile tools and their mystical allure.
  • Discover Diverse Uses: Explore the multifaceted uses of pendulums beyond fortune-telling, including:
    • Personal guidance and decision-making
    • Energy balancing and chakra alignment
    • Divination and intuitive insights
    • Dowsing techniques
    • Cleansing spaces and items
  • Learn Care and Work Techniques: Gain valuable insights into caring for and effectively working with your pendulum. Master essential techniques to harness its power and enhance your spiritual journey.
  • Take Home Your Creation: Leave the class with your handmade pendulum, ready to embark on new adventures and discoveries. Embrace the magic of pendulum work and unlock its limitless potential in your life.

Join Char, an experienced instructor with a passion for divination history, on a transformative journey into the realm of pendulums. With a background in divination studies from Harvard and membership in the esteemed World Divination Society, Char brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to guide you through the enchanting world of pendulum crafting. Embark on this illuminating experience and uncover the ancient secrets and modern applications of pendulums.



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Cost includes supplies to make your very own pendulum.

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