The Beginners Guide to Divination


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What would you do if you could see the future?

Astrology, numerology, tarot, and palmistry have been used for centuries to divine events to come. The Beginner’s Guide to Divination will teach you to practice the mystical arts of divination and predict the future yourself. Explore the remarkable histories and secret languages of these esoteric practices as you master techniques to view–and even influence–your fate.

You’ll learn how to:
Create your birth chart and discover how the stars influence the decisions you’ll make
Use Tarot cards to learn about people who will cross your path and events that will affect you
Examine your palm to uncover challenges and opportunities ahead
Find your universal number and use it to manifest your greatest desires
Determine which system works best with your own natural clairvoyance
Complete with detailed charts and illustrations, this all-in-one guide will help you illuminate the path of your life’s journey, enhance your intuitive powers, and take control of your future!


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