Space Clearing



Space Clearing for your home or business.
Our spaces much like ourselves absorb energies. Sometimes it can become cluttered and create stagnate energies that can also bog us down. As important as physical cleaning is to a space so is energy clearing. Especially if negative energy has been brought in to a space.
You should also consider space clearing during the following situations. When moving into a new place, or after someone in the space has moved out. Major renovation or decluttering, both or after. After major life changes, arguments, illness, or even a death has occurred in the home. If there are any changes in behaviors, sleep disturbances, or other issues that appear to arise. Lastly, if you suspect you may have spirit activity in the space.
Once you request a clearing a phone consultation will be required to determine the best way to clear your space. All clearings are kept confidential. During the in-person session, I will be accompanied by an assistant. Depending on the space and concerns I may require extra help. The fee is a suggested amount for time, travel, and supplies needed to perform the clearing.


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