Mediumship Reading



A medium is someone who is able to connect to a past loved one. During the session it is very common for them to want to relate information to that is memories of their time here while living. They relay memories, personality traits, and other bits of information to help you reconnect to them as you knew them. They seek for you to hold on to their memories and to be remembered. During this session they share images, symbols, and even use the senses to help relay their messages. Sometimes it does not make sense at the time but recalls a memory later after you leave. Whomever chooses to come through during the session does so because their message or reconnection is something that your guides have coordinated in advance. It may be the exact message you need at the time, or they are needing to express.

*Please know that you may not get the information or connect with the person you are seeking. Also, any future events can always change due to your free will. What is received is based on that moment. As a friendly reminder I am not a therapist or medical professional, please seek a doctor if anything is brought up during your session that you feel needs more attention.

Session is 30 minutes


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